Because living is fighting, we are your friend, always there all the time.

About Empowered

EMPOWERED to help the poor

EMPOWERED - The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia (Persatuan Advokasi Kanser Malaysia) is a non-profit tax-exempt* organization registered as a society.

Our mission is to save lives, prevent cancer and serve the poor who are afflicted with cancer in Malaysia.

Cancer patients live in fear, in anger, in pain. They do not understand why this is happening.

Medical terms are frustrating and everyone has a word of advice, an opinion.

Poor patients cannot afford the anti-cancer tests and treatments, the extra money to get to the hospital. They can’t afford to stop working. They need hope and comforting.

EMPOWERED was formed primarily to help and assure the poor that cancer is NOT A DEATH SENTENCE.

* Note: The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia has granted ‘tax-exempt’ status to EMPOWERED
(IRD Ref: LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.6614) with effect from 15th October 2009.

New logo reinforces mission statement of the society

The Empowered Logo is made up of a combination of different elements purposefully coming together as the logo for a unique and visionary Society formed to meet the diverse needs of cancer survivors and their caregivers.

The logo consists of 4 people opening up their arms facing out, which represents the Society's firmness in reaching out and embracing everybody irrespective of their race, religion or socio-economic status. Empowered’s mission is to save lives, prevent cancer, and be a strong advocate of cancer awareness to all levels of society. The logo can also be seen as three people supporting and empowering the person in the middle. This represents members of the Society working together as a cohesive team to help and support the cancer patients and their caregivers, while at the same time also empowering them to manage their lives with cancer through activities designed with their particular needs in mind.

The chosen colour red represents the Society's positive attitude towards cancer, cancer survivors and their caregivers. Red also represents an energetic team from the Society who empowers the cancer survivors and their caregivers by providing suitable and accurate information, education and resources in order for them to continue living optimistic and productive lives.